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Van Roosmalen Business Consulting (VRBC) is specialized in business consulting on process optimization and business apps implementation in complex manufacturing environments, such as High-Tech Electronics (including Electronics Manufacturing Services), Aerospace & Defence, Equipment & Industrial Manufacturing.

Optimizing your business applications

Too often organisations rely on ERP systems and other applications that have been configured to deal with the challenges of the 1990's. Today it's a completely different world, where agility and flexibility is key. 

Van Roosmalen Business Consulting can support you in the complete change management process required to meet the demands of a globalized market place. We offer program and project management services for implementation and optimization projects.

ERP knowledge

At Van Roosmalen Business Consulting we have a good understanding of ERP systems in general and an in-depth knowledge of Infor's Baan ERP products, i.e. Baan IV, Baan ERP and Infor LN.

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